Chiropractic/Sports Performance in Oklahoma City

Grant Field, D.C.

Elevate Your Health!

We help athletes and active people overcome injuries, pain, and physical limitations and get them back to the sports and activities they love! We believe that “movement is medicine” and key to health and longevity. By optimizing movement, we can help avoid pain, and prevent costly medical interventions like surgery and injections.

Our 3 step process is to 1) reduce pain and discomfort, 2) address the “root cause(s)” 3) optimize movement and ensure the problem/injury never returns. There is no cookie-cutter forms of treatment or basic exercises that do not serve you and your goals, nor will your provider be passing you off to another less trained assistant or technician. Each and every visit is 1-on-1 with your doctor and provider. We create individual care plans that are custom built and tailored to you, your lifestyle, and needs to get you back to your health and performance goals.

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(405) 252-1650