Workforce Training & Education

Chris Lange

Developing Your Workforce with Customized Training

Moore Norman Technology Center (MNTC) can assist all facets of your business to ensure organizational goals are achieved. Our well-trained graduates form the pipeline for your staffing growth.
Through a needs assessment MNTC can examine the training and other needs in your organization and recommend a solution either with one of our established services or with wide ranging customized training delivered by subject matter experts.
Through learning and development MNTC can build your leaders into ones that staff desire to follow. Technical skills training is available for your incumbents to ensure their skills remain sharp. Your staff can improve their computing savvy with focused training on multiple topics. You can rely on MNTC to provide training expertise to maintain safety and regulatory compliance for your organization. MNTC is a conduit for state incentive programs that provide offset funding to train staff during a relocation or expansion. MNTC has ready access to experts in Quality Management Systems and ISO. This information scratches the surface of MNTC capabilities, have confidence that MNTC is a valuable resource and partner for your organization’s continued success.
MNTC employs a cost recovery model with no markup of fees ensuring economic customized training solutions for your business.

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