Whether you are new to Oklahoma City or you have lived here all your life, we are the respected, experienced professionals you can rely on for your business or home.

Our members are successful because they are innovative problem solvers who have built

their reputations through customer satisfaction.

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Our specialists:  plumbing; dentistry; restoration, construction; security systems; chiropractor;
electrical; insurance; commercial & residential inspections; auto service & repair; legal services; web design & SEO; commercial & residential cleaning; financial planning ; moving and storage; heat/air & refrigeration; staffing; landscaping; business services; audio and sound systems

  • insurance sevices
  • financial planning
  • auto repair
  • relocation service
  • landscaping
  • event venue
  • property management
  • business services
  • dentistry
  • furniture design & repair
  • home inspections
  • banking
  • construction
  • roofer
  • commercial cleaning
  • business communications
  • federal contracts expert
  • attorney
  • plumber
  • air conditioning and heating
  • electrician
  • painter
  • home audio
  • moving and storage